2022 Sermons

All Sermons are presented by John Keith unless noted otherwise.


January 02 AM “Lead Me to Calvary”
January 02 PM “The Abundant Grace of Our Lord”

January 09 AM “The Chain of Authority”
January 09 PM “The Temptation of Christ”

January 16 AM “What is My Agenda?”
January 16 PM – N/A

January 23 AM “Revive Us Again”
January 23 PM – N/A

January 30 AM “Why is Sin Sinful?”
January 30 PM “Judgement Against Jerusalem”


February 06 N/A

February 13 AM “Adoring the Word of God”
February 13 PM “Book of Philemon”-Russ Singleton

February 20 AM “When You Hear the Truth” – Alan Wells
February 20 PM “Overcoming Temptation” – Raymond Wayble

February 27 AM “The Ten Commandments Today”
February 27 PM “Doing Right When Wronged”


March 06 AM “Our Citizenship is in Heaven”
March 06 PM “Wrong Is Always Wrong”

March 13 AM “Bad Company”
March 13 PM “The Immovable Kingdom”

March 20 AM “Divine Road Signs”
March 20 PM “You Have Heard That it Was Said”

March 27 AM “Biblical Hope”
March 27 PM “Three Loves of a Disciple”


April 03 AM “These Are Your Gods”
April 03 PM “The Body of a Servant”

April 10 AM “Pressing on Regardless”
April 10 PM “Paul’s Prayer for the Colossians”

April 17 AM “Keys to a Successful Gospel Meeting”
April 17 PM “Stand Up and Be Counted”


2022 Gospel Meeting with Andy Robison

2 Timothy

April 24 AM “Be of Sound Mind”
April 24 AM “Be Unashamed”
April 24 PM “Be Strong”
April 25 PM “Be Diligent”
April 26 PM “Be Aware”
April 27 PM “Be Following”
April 28 PM “Be Watchful”
April 29 PM “Be Anticipating”