2024 Sermons

Following Sermons are presented by Roger Rush unless noted otherwise.

January 2024 Sermons

January 07 AM “Five Lies”
January 07 PM “Faithful in the Church”

January 14 AM “The Happy Man”
January 14 PM “Are there Few Saved?”

January 21 AM “Misplaced Priorities”
January 21 PM “What Shall I Do With Jesus?”

January 28 AM “Pure Religion”
January 28 PM “The Christian Life”


February 04 AM “Five Rules”
February 04 PM “A Good Soldier”

February 11 AM “The Church Exist to….”
February 11 PM “How to Study the Bible”

February 18 AM “Living Sacrifices”
February 18 PM “Signs of Apostasy”

February 25 AM “The Tragedy of Disobedience”
February 25 PM “Three Lessons from the Prophets”