2024 Sermons

Following Sermons are presented by Roger Rush unless noted otherwise.

January 2024 Sermons

January 07 AM “Five Lies”
January 07 PM “Faithful in the Church”

January 14 AM “The Happy Man”
January 14 PM “Are there Few Saved?”

January 21 AM “Misplaced Priorities”
January 21 PM “What Shall I Do With Jesus?”

January 28 AM “Pure Religion”
January 28 PM “The Christian Life”


February 04 AM “Five Rules”
February 04 PM “A Good Soldier”

February 11 AM “The Church Exist to….”
February 11 PM “How to Study the Bible”

February 18 AM “Living Sacrifices”
February 18 PM “Signs of Apostasy”

February 25 AM “The Tragedy of Disobedience”
February 25 PM “Three Lessons from the Prophets”


March 03 AM “What Must I Do?”
March 03 PM “A Wise Man”

March 10 AM “The Good Samaritan” – Zachary Hammond
March 10 PM “We Want to Be Remembered” – Alan Wells

March 17 AM “The Temptation of Christ” – Jordon Morris
March 17 PM “Forgiveness”

March 24 AM “Almost Persuaded”
March 24 PM “An Inoffensive Gospel”

March 31 AM “He is Risen!”
March 31 PM “Are You Ready?”


April 07 AM “Attitudes Toward Christianity”
April 07 PM “Besetting Sins”

April 14 AM “Seven Blessings of Discipleship”
April 14 PM “Can We Understand the Bible Alike?”

April 21 AM “Certain Doom”
April 21 PM “Going to the Doctor”

April 28 AM “Repent or Perish” – Colton Ferrell
April 28 PM “Bread of Life” – Colton Ferrell


May 05 AM “Dealing with Adversity”
May 05 PM “A Prophet’s Dilemma”

May 12 AM “Honoring Mothers”
May 12 PM “God’s PatternĀ  being an Ambassador” – Colton Ferrell

Following Sermons are presented by Colton Ferrell unless noted otherwise.

May 19 AM “Lesson from Job”
May 19 PM “God’s Pattern for Worship”

May 26 AM “Peter vs. Judas”
May 26 PM “God’s Pattern for Godliness”


June 02 AM “Jesus: Nice guy or Good Man?”
June 02 PM “God’s Pattern for Leadership”

June 09 AM “Hope”
June 09 PM “God’s Pattern for the Church”

June 16 AM “Love of the Father”
June 16 PM “Jews vs. Gentiles”

June 23 AM “Wise vs. Fools”
June 23 PM “Poor in Spirit”

June 30 AM “Life: Why am I Here?”
June 30 PM “The Mourning”