2020 Sermons


All Sermons are presented by John Keith unless noted otherwise.


January 2020

January 05 AM "Whats Right with the Church"
January 05 PM "A Sermon About Nothing" 

January 12 AM "Ye Must Be Born Again" - Joe Wilson
January 12 PM "A Clear View of Salvation" - John Keith

January 19 AM "Sermons Satan Loves-2"
January 19 PM "Abraham Follows God"

January 26 AM "Striving for the Faith"
January 26 PM "Are You Prepared for the Waves?"

February 02 AM "Paul's Prayer for the Corinthians"
February 02 PM "God, the World, and Us"

February 09 AM "When Does My Faith Grow?"
February 09 PM "The Church is the Body of Christ"

February 16 AM "Zechariah's Vision of the High Priest"
February 16 PM "Proof of Pardon"

February 23 AM "Consider Your Ways"
February 23 PM "Questions You Have Asked"

March 01 AM "The Mercy of God"
March 01 PM "Maintaining Spirituality"

March 08 AM "These Are Your Gods"
March 08 PM "Jesus' Declaration of God"

March 15 AM "Approaching God's Throne"
March 15 PM "Punishing Evildoers is not Unloving"

March 22 _ No Services
March 29 _ No Services
April 05 _ No Services
April 12 _ No Services
April 19 _ No Services
April 26 _ No Services
May 03 _ No Services
May 10 _ No Services
May 17 _ No Services
May 24 _ No Services
May 31 AM "Avoiding A Drought in the Church"
May 31 PM "The Man Who Made Israel to Sin"

June 07 AM "Successful Christianity" June 07 PM "God's Charge to Solomon"

June 14 AM "The Way of Holiness"
June 14 PM "The Destruction of Nineveh Declared"

June 21 AM "Parable of the Forgiving Father"
June 21 PM "The Destruction of Nineveh Described"

June 28 AM "The Cost of Discipleship"
June 28 PM "The Destruction of Nineveh Defended"

July 05 AM "Reviving Our Love for God's Word"
July 05 PM "A Closer Walk with Thee"

July 12 AM "Reviving Our Love for God's Word (2)"
July 12 PM "The Rapture Exposed"

July 19 AM "By What are We Saved?"
July 19 PM "Masada: A Nation Refuses Jehovah"

July 26 AM "Cries from the Cross"
July 26 PM "Failure in the Wilderness"

August 02 "Sing is Worship"
August 02 "Immutability of God"