2023 Sermons

All Sermons are presented by John Keith unless noted otherwise.

January 01 AM “I Am A Pilgrim”
January 01 PM “The Little Foxes”

January 08 AM “Three Tests of Genuine Christianity”
January 08 PM “Here Am I, Send Me”

January 15 AM “The Heart of Christ”
January 15 PM “A Marvelous Failure”

January 22 AM “The Blood of Christ”
January 22 PM “Sin and Restoration”

January 29 AM “The Eyes of Christ”
January 29 PM “The Hope for Old Bones”


February 05 AM “Redemption In Christ”
February 05 PM “Daniel in the Lion’s Den”

February 12 AM “Jesus’ Prayer for Unity”
February 12 PM “Love & Forgiveness”

February 19 AM “God’s Grace”
February 19 PM “Joel’s Day of the Lord”

February 26 AM “God’s Drawing Power”
February 26 PM “Amos was a Preacher”


March 05 AM “Mid-Western Children’s Home” – Barry Boverie
March 05 AM “Have You Been Angry at God?”
March 05 PM N/A

March 12 AM “Be Not Anxious”
March 12 PM “The Pride of Edom”

March 19 AM “Parable of the Tares”
March 19 PM “God Shows Himself”

March 26 AM “The Faith of Joseph”
March 26 PM “What Doth the Lord Require?”


April 02 AM “The Lost Bible”
April 02 PM “Three Strikes:You’re Out!”

April 09 AM “Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life”
April 09 PM “Our Misunderstood God”

April 16 AM “God Will Provide” – Charles Pugh
April 16 PM “Why Did God Make the Stars?” – Charles Pugh

April 23 AM “Unprofitable Servants”
April 23 PM “God does Not Fail”

April 30 AM “Ones of a Kind”
April 30 PM “A Bag with Holes”


May 07 AM “Today, Thou Shalt Be With Me in Paradise”
May 07 PM “Zechariah’s Messianic Prophecy”

May 14 AM “What Mothers Deserve”
May 14 PM “When Christians Gets Bored”


2023 Gospel Meeting with Phil Grear

May 21 AM “He Was Not For Sale”
May 21 AM “So, You Say You Are a Christian”
May 21 PM “Because He Lives”
May 22 PM “What Do You See At the Cross?”
May 23 PM “When Sin Wins”
May 24 PM “I Wish I Had the Words”
May 25 PM “Welcome Home!”


May 28 AM “O How Love I Thy Law”
May 28 PM “I Hate Every False Way”


June 04 AM “The Wonder of Jesus”
June 04 PM “The Power of Peace”

June 11 AM “Do You Wish to be Whole?” – Alan Wells
June 11 PM “My Father is Working” – Alan Wells

June 18 AM “Fathers in the Lord” – Charles Pugh
June 18 PM “Fatherhood of God” – Charles Pugh

June 25 AM “Christ Our Prophet, Priest, and King”
June 25 PM “A Heart Like God’s”


July 02 AM “If In this Life Only”
July 02 PM “Are We Fools?”

July 09 AM “Attributes of God in Romans”
July 09 Pm “Forgiveness”

July 16 AM “Let Go of the Past”
July 16 PM “Courage”

July 23 AM “Do You Know My Perfect Jesus?”
July 23 PM “Seeking the Lost”

July 30 AM “Lesson from Habakkuk” – Aaron Burch
July 30 PM ” Lesson from Psalm 119″ – Alan Wells


August 06 AM “The Words of Christ”
August 06 PM “Word of God vs. Word of Man”

August 13 AM “Our Journey Home”
August 13 PM “Shall We Cry ‘Wolf'”?

August 20 AM “Doing What We Ought”
August 20 PM “Christ, Our High Priest”

August 27 AM “Singers of the New Song”
August 27 PM “Starting Over-Starting Right”


September 03 AM “Darius’ Decree”
September 03 PM “Can Anyone Become Righteous?”

September 10 AM “We Will Be OK” – Andy Baker
September 10 PM “Christ’s Poverty – Our Prosperity”

September 17 AM “Not Seeking My Own Profit”
September 17 PM “Show Yourself a Pattern”

September 24 AM “I Shall Not Want” – Alan Wells
September 24 PM “What We Do Have” – Alan Wells


October 01 AM “If Jesus Wrote a Letter to Us”
October 01 PM “Satan’s Bag of Lies”


October 07 2023
Men’s Encouragement Day _ Roger Rush

Session 1 – Church Organization
Session 2 – Church Leadership
Session 3 – Church Responsibility


October 08 AM “Rich Man – Poor Man” – Kevin Berry
October 08 PM “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus” – Kevin Berry

October 15 AM “Preparing For Worship”
October 15 PM “The Church the Prophets Saw”

October 22 AM “If I Be Lifted Up”
October 22 PM “Rights Christ Refused”

October 29 AM “Paul’s Farewell”
October 29 PM “Become as Little Children”


November 05 AM “Snapshot Theology” – Roger Rush
November 05 PM “Look at His Hands” – Roger Rush

November 12 AM “Preaching the Cross” – Roger Rush
November 12 PM “Jesus and His Cross” – Roger Rush

November 19 AM “21st Century Lessons from the 1st Century Church” – Roger Rush
November 19 PM “Three Dangers Facing the Church” – Roger Rush

November 26 AM “Lesson from Acts 13” – Jared Jamiel


December 03 AM “Baptism – Aids to Understanding” – Roger Rush
December 03 PM “Characteristics of a Consecrated Christian” – Roger Rush

December 10 AM “God’s Wisdom- Man’s Foolishness” – Roger Rush
December 10 PM “Soldiers of Christ” – Roger Rush

December 17 AM “Why are We Here?”  – Roger Rush
December 17 PM “What is a Christian?” – Roger Rush

December 24 AM “It Happened Like This…” – Roger Rush
December 24 PM “God’s Family” – Jared Jamiel

December 31 AM “What We Need to Know About The Church” – Roger Rush
December 31 PM “A New Year” – Roger Rush