2021 Sermons

All Sermons are presented by John Keith unless noted otherwise.

January 2021

January 03 AM “Fulfilling the Plea for Unity”
January 03 PM “The Power of the Gospel”

January 10 AM
January 10 PM

January 17 AM “Some Facts About Faith”
January 17 PM “Jesus Calms a Storm”

January 24 AM “Barnabas”
January 24 PM “The Works of God”

January 31 AM
January 31 PM


February 07 AM “Be Thou Faithful unto Death”
February 07 PM “To Live is Christ”

February 14 AM “Walk in Love”
February 14 PM “Today is the Day of Good News”

February 21 AM “Pride Before a Fall “
February 21 PM “Christ on David’s Throne”

February 28 AM “The Miracles of Christ”
February 28 PM “Ignorance is No Excuse”


March 07 AM “Alienation from God”
March 07 PM “Not Quite Enough”

March 14 AM “Psalm 139” – Alan Wells
March 14 PM “Seven Words from the Cross” – Alan Wells

March 21 AM “Who Among You is Wise?”
March 21 PM “What the Bible is to the Child of God”

March 28 AM “Five Great Questions”
March 28 PM “What Happens When We Die?”


April 04 AM “Christ Gave Himself For Me”
April 04 PM “The New Life”

April 11 AM “The Role of Women in the Church”
April 11 PM “Titus”

April 18 AM “Hear His Voice”
April 18 PM “Ye are the Salt of the Earth”

April 25 AM “Why Did My Savior Have to Die?”
April 25 PM “When Obedience is Hard”

Gospel Meeting with Sam Bartrug

April 26 “Let’s Fill this Building”
April 27 “The Bible on Baptism”
April 28 “Religious Leftovers”
April 29 “Friday vs. Sunday”
April 30 “Wonders of Heaven”

May 02 AM “Four Steps to Faithfulness”
May 02 PM “The Spirit of Christ”

May 09 AM “Hannah”
May 09 PM “Paul’s Charge to Timothy”

May 16 AM “Knowing God”
May 16 PM “Our Response to God”

May 23 AM “Peter’s Portrait of God’s People”
May 23 PM “Gluttony”

May 30 AM “The Word of God is Quick and Powerful”
May 30 PM “Blockades to Spiritual Blessings”


June 06 AM “Reasons We Say “Church of Christ””
June 06 PM “Are You Sure You’re a Christian”

June 13 AM “The Scriptural Foundation of the Church”
June 13 PM “The Seven Wonders of the Bible”

June 20 AM “The Scriptural Establishment of the Church”
June 20 PM “Why We Need Salvation”

June 27 AM “Christ Founded Only One Church”
June 27 PM “Why We Need Salvation-2”


July 04 AM “There is Something in a Name”
July 04 PM “Questions You Have Asked -17”

July 11 AM “Scriptural Organization of the Church”
July 11 PM “Encouragement For Those Who Wait on the Lord”

July 18 AM “No Creed But Christ”
July 18 PM “Conversion of the Jews on Pentecost”

July 25 AM “The Inspired Word of God”
July 25 PM “People of the Way”


August 01 AM “Rightly Divide the Word”
August 01 PM “Christians of 3rd John”

August 08 AM “What is a Blessing?”  – Brendyn Lewis
August 08 PM “Practical Personal Evangelism” – Brendyn Lewis

August 15 AM “Thy Kingdom Come”
August 15 PM “The Problem of Biblical Illiteracy”

August 22 AM “What Must I Do to be Saved?”
August 22 PM “Unto What Then Were You Baptized?”

August 29 AM “The False Doctrine of “Faith Only””
August 29 PM “Backsliding”


September 05 AM “The Non-denominational Nature of the Church”
September 05 PM “The Light of the World”

September 12 AM “Fallen from Grace”
September 12 PM “What Does Jesus Mean to Me?”

September 19 AM “You May Know the Truth” – Charles Pugh
September 19 PM “Special Friends”

September 26 AM “What Can Wash Away My Sin?”
September 26 PM “We Ought to Obey God”


October 03 AM “Is Thy Heart Right With God?”
October 03 PM “Jesus, The Loving Shepherd”

October 10 AM “Pray Christians, Pray”
October 10 PM “David’s Example of Righteousness”

October 17 AM “Speak Lord, About Baptism”
October 17 PM “Blessed is the Man”

October 24 AM “The Gospel in Five Seconds”
October 24 PM “The Manifold Gifts of God”

October 31 AM “Salvation Past, Present and Future”
October 31 PM “Our Responsibility Towards the Lost”


November 07 AM “Christianity Makes You a Better Person”
November 07 PM “Resisting the Devil”

November 14 AM “Christianity Makes You a Better Person-2”
November 14 PM “Paul and the Church at Colosse”

November 21 AM “Death in the Pot”
November 21 PM “The Nature of Christianity”

November 28 AM “What Can I Do?”
November 28 PM “Lessons From the Life of Paul”


December 05 AM “The Gender Agenda”
December 05 PM “Kinds of Followers of Christ”

December 12 AM “Because He Lives”
December 12 PM “The Prophecy of Obadiah”

December 19 AM “So Great A Salvation”
December 19 PM “The Biography of Jesus”

December 26 AM“Christ Our Savior is Near”
December 26 PM “The Power of Influence”